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Excerpted Feeds are Evil

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Written by Basil on 12/9/2005 2:45 PM. Filed under:

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Excerpted Feeds are Evil at Binary Bonsai

I hate excerpted feeds. If you’re only showing me part of your post, most of the time I’m not reading it unless it piques my interest. The worst offender is Ortho-Dixie. I always want to read his posts, so only getting an excerpt is just a huge waste of my time.

However, some of the commenters on the bit-post above have good points. Perhaps there’s a way to have both excerpts and full feeds? Maybe a WordPress plugin or something?

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2 Responses to “Excerpted Feeds are Evil”

  1. Fr Joseph Huneycutt Says:

    Uh, that would be me.

    I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. I only excerpt things I DON’T write. What am I missing?

  2. Basil Says:

    Father, bless.

    Well, I cannot find a single post on your site that exemplifies what I’m talking about, so perhaps you fixed the problem some time past. Some other sites that do what I’m talking about are Alana at Morning Coffee (Atom feed) and Josh at Joshua 24:15 (Atom feed). Note how, in the Atom RSS feeds, their posts just sort of get clipped. In the Blogger dashboard, under “Settings,” one should select “Yes” for “Publish Site Feed,” and “Full” for “Descriptions.” The help text reads,

    Select Full to syndicate the full content of your post. Select Short if you only wish to syndicate the first paragraph, or approximately 255 characters, whichever is shorter.

    So, father, my apologies if I’m guilty of libel here.