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Adult stem cell researchers find ‘fusion hope’

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Written by Basil on 12/14/2005 10:27 PM. Filed under:

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BBC NEWS | Health | Adult stem cells ‘fusion hope’

“But I am not sure how useful it is to spend time on this, when other sources such as embryonic stem cells have the potential for much more.

“It has to be remembered this is coming out of the US, there is a political agenda.”

I suppose assuming unborn babies are merely tissue has no political implications.

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5 Responses to “Adult stem cell researchers find ‘fusion hope’”

  1. Simeon Says:

    In America, even babies are commodities.

  2. Victoria Says:

    It’s not just in America, my friend. It’s not even just in the First World. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that some time in the golden past and exotic faraway, children were inevitably valued and important, especially girl children. I’m not saying that what we do is right, just that infanticide in various forms is an old, old, old sin. It’s not surprising that it has recently taken on a more sophisticated form.

    I object to stem cell research for a very different reason. I think we should not spend the money on diseases of the rich until we have taken care of the problems that kill more people than Parkinson’s, diabetes, MS and MD, and Alzheimer’s combined: diarrhea due to bad water, malaria, and AIDs, plus starvation.

  3. Basil Says:

    Paige, yes, I saw that on GetReligion. I almost blogged that, too, but time got away from me.

  4. Basil Says:

    Victoria, pre-Christian cultures usually know infanticide in one form or another. Abortion, in reality, is simply another sign that we are moving from being Christian to post-Christian — that we are regressing into a sort of neo-pagan society and not just in the New Age section of the bookstore.