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Written by Basil on 10/3/2002 12:18 AM. Filed under:

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After corresponding with Hixie about an unrelated matter, I decided to rework the site and remove as many unnecessary div and span tags as I could. I’m sure that the ones I left Hixie would still think unnecessary, but at least I’m satisfied for the night. It was downright embarassing before, especially in light of my earlier rants on the subject.

To emphasize what has been said elsewhere, div and span tags should be used sparingly and only when no other tag will do. Currently, they are often abused in much (X)HTML. There were places before the great sword Revision approached that I found things like:

<div class="foo"><h3>Augustus Caesar Omnibus Exultavit</h3></div>

No lie. I am so shocked and embarassed. Of course, it’s really all Michael’s fault. 🙂

Update: I do not feel nearly so bad now. Looking at Hixie’s site, I note many div and span tags. Mostly done where they are truly necessary. But I did note this interesting bit of code:

<span class="pingback">
<a href="" title="Cute Name for a Referrer">1</a>

I feel so validated now, I can’t tell you. 🙂

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