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Primate On Fire for Unity

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Written by Basil on 04/7/2009 7:39 PM. Filed under:

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In the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the Ultramontane party supported the power of the papacy. Their name means, “beyond the mountains,” that is, beyond the Alps in Italy. Ultramontanism ultimately ruled the day, in part because the Conciliarists were prevented from attending the Council of Florence and talking with the Eastern Orthodox bishops.

And this [unity] is something of the utmost importance, and it is something imminent. It is not something where we can wait and say “Oh maybe in my grandchildren’s time there will be Orthodox unity.” I’m talking about June. And, if you think I’m kidding, there is a conference being convened in the Phanar in June to discuss exactly this — (actually, it’s in Cypress) — to subject the Diaspora to the single, singular control, the so-called Diaspora, to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and thereby come into unity.

Well, that’s one model for unity. I would submit if we wanted a Pope we’d be under the real one. And I don’t think any of us want a Pope, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Metropolitan Jonah is in Dallas, Texas — the see city of our diocese — to facilitate transition between him as temporary administrator and our former archbishop, his eminence, Dmitri. Last Sunday, he gave a sermon on Orthodox unity in North America to a pan-Orthodox assembly at the cathedral. I was blown away at every moment as I watched.

Check out the video: Pan-Orthodox Sermon by His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah. Watch the video first, because he’s a magnificent homilist, and this is one electrifying. However, if you would rather, there is also a transcript of the homily.

For background you may wish to read the lecture, “Challenges of Orthodoxy in America and the Role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” if you have not already. It was given at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology a few weeks ago by the Very Reverend Archimandrite Dr. Elpidophoros Lambriniadis, Chief Secretary of the Holy and Sacred Synod (of Constantinople).

Whether it is beyond the mountains or beyond the sea, if it is beyond the local church, it is alien to our tradition.

Note: This post was formerly titled, “Greek Ultramontanism.”

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3 Responses to “Primate On Fire for Unity”

  1. Basil Says:

    Also check out this memo from Fr Eric Tosi. Unlike previous administrations, there’s more than just talk about unity. Inviting canonical experts from not only other American jurisdictions but also from all over the world to advise us on how to restructure our Church? What an exciting time to be alive.

  2. Chris J. Davis Says:

    It certainly was a site to see, and feel. Heather, Jakob and I were at the Cathedral for this service and you can’t imagine the feelings that were sweeping through the crowd as His Beatitude gave this homily.

    The greatest moments for me were our Priest here Fr. Antony Bahu, vigorously nodding his head in agreement with all the Metropolitan was saying. I am hopeful that this is the beginning of something significant for the Church in North America.

  3. Basil Says:

    Syosset just released a penitential statement from his beatitude about this sermon.