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New Navy Uniforms Finally Approved by CNO

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CNO Approves New Navy Uniforms

“These are good uniforms, designed to support the modern Sailor,” said Mullen. “Durability, safety, ease of wear and cleaning were all factors that weighed heavily on my mind, as did, quite frankly, the survey data and the opinions of wear testers. This wasn’t a popularity contest by any stretch, but we would have been foolish not to consider the opinions of the men and women who will wear these uniforms.”

The BDU-style working uniform, designed to replace seven different styles of current working uniforms, is made of a near maintenance-free permanent press 50/50 nylon and cotton blend. Worn with a blue cotton t-shirt, it will include an eight-point cover, a black web belt with closed buckle, and black smooth leather boots, with black suede no-shine boots for optional wear while assigned to non-shipboard commands.

“When I walk down the piers, I see a Sailors standing watch as a pier sentry in January and it’s 30 degrees and freezing rain,” Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SS/AW) Terry Scott said. “You have to ask yourself, does the uniform that we currently issue protect us, and the answer is no.”

The scuttlebutt is that this probably still won’t make it to seabags before the fall of 2007 (FY08).

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3 Responses to “New Navy Uniforms Finally Approved by CNO”

  1. James Says:

    But, would Popeye approve?

  2. Torrey Says:

    I dont like them at all the camos are ok but as far as the new uniform replacing the traditional white uniform i hate them the blue pants and tee shirt they are ugly.It doesnt feel like the people in the navy are sailors now just navy men

  3. Leo Says:

    The new uniforms are hidious! I used to be in the Navy and I like the uniforms the way they are! Why are they ruining years of tradition? They are just making the sailors look like other military branches. At least the Navy had their own look, but they won’t anymore. My wife was going to join the Navy but after she found out about the new uniforms she didn’t want to be seen wearing those ugly things. I don’t blame her I wouldn’t want to be see wearing them either!