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Male activists want to opt-out of unplanned pregnancies

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Roe says a woman can choose to have intimacy and still have control over subsequent consequences,” [Mel Feit, director of the National Center for Men,] said. “No one has ever asked a federal court if that means men should have some similar say.”

In my world, accepting the consequences of your actions is called “responsibility.” It used to be called “manly” to take responsibility for your actions; now it’s just profoundly inconvenient.

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One Response to “Male activists want to opt-out of unplanned pregnancies”

  1. Victoria Says:

    This is awful on so many levels that I just can’t think how to start. I suppose my initial kneejerk reaction is — if you don’t want the financial responsibility, then you sure-damn don’t get to do the fun stuff like *have the relationship with the child* either — and don’t show up 18 years later weeping crocodile tears because *now* you want the relationship.

    Father Macarius must be spinning in his grave, considering that he took the responsibility for a child that wasn’t even his!