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Cthulhu for President

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Written by Basil on 08/27/2004 4:47 PM. Filed under:

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Like DrBacchus, I have been struggling with my choice of presidents. Unlike him, I find something disagreeable in even the Libertarian position, even though I am closer to that than any other position.

So, whom do I choose to govern me? I am very torn. The Byzantine theocrat in me says the Libertarian position is too libertarian in a declining society. The Democrats, on the other hand, would encourage the decline into ethical darkness. The Republicans? Well, they want us to believe they’ll act on the problem, but their track record is mostly show and little go. We now have a Republican Congress and a Republican President, and the slaughter of innocents continues. Other ethical issues, though, leave a lingering question: Given our Constitution, is it really the place of government to dictate virtue to it’s people? I believe our Constitution limits the power of the federal government to enforce shifts in morality.

It’s a tough choice, but the answers everyone seems to want involve rewriting the Constitution, in my opinion. And I don’t think anyone wants that. It seems like the Libertarians are the only ones who actually want to implement the Constitution we actually have.

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6 Responses to “Cthulhu for President”

  1. JustinM Says:

    Good thoughts. I’ve always leaned toward the libertarians too, except for their lack of international involvement.

  2. James Says:

    “I believe our Constitution limits the power of the federal government to enforce shifts in morality.” I could not possibly agree more, which is why I think shaming and blaming people into voting Republican is very bad (which is what some people do).

  3. James Says:

    Oh, though I find the rest of what you say on here a little “dodgy.”

  4. Mr. Hibbity Gibbity Says:

    “Libertarians” . . . aren’t they the Librarian party?

    Isn’t their slogan, “Equality in the Library”? Don’t they believe in putting Dickens next to Thoreau next to Waldo and doing away with the Dewey Decimal system? Viva la Revolution!

    *chuckles to himself*

  5. basil Says:

    “Dodgy” ? I readily admit to being out of the loop and perhaps ill-informed. Please feel free to use facts to demonstrate the falsity of statements I’ve made here.

  6. James Says:

    I’m just saying I don’t agree, not that you were lying or ill-informed. Sorry if I confused you.