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With the Blessed, Give Rest

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Written by Basil on 11/16/2003 6:29 PM. Filed under:

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Last night, Photius Loudermilk fell asleep in the Lord. He was a beloved spiritual father. Formerly a priest in the EOC, he gave up his position to become fully united to the Orthodox Church. In falling asleep, he is still technically a layman, but it is hard not to believe that he remains a priest forever, in the order of Melchizidek.

I will blog later this week about my reflections on his funeral. There will be at least three priests in attendance, possibly many more. I would not be suprised to see a hierarch or two. Fr. D. already had a moving experience of seeing Photius in the sanctuary, vested as a priest, during the Divine Liturgy. “It was as if he was standing to my right, concelebrating with me.” Remarkably, father was able to make it without completely losing his compsure.

Memory eternal.

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3 Responses to “With the Blessed, Give Rest”

  1. Chris J. Davis Says:

    This is one of the things that I am most dismayed at ; that I have not and will not have the opportunity to meet and learn from him as you and the others of our parish have.

    May his memory be truly eternal!

  2. James Says:

    I want to second what Chris said, and I agree with what you’ve said too: “a priest forever after the order of Melchizidek.” It was very moving to hear the “memory eternal” sung after Liturgy yesterday.

  3. Luke Seraphim Says:

    Indeed, gentleman, a priest forever…I had the great honor of knowing him, though perhaps not near as well as many of the parishioners of St. Athanasius. I am truly grieved at his passing, but also joyous that his struggle is over and his race run, and truly he ran it well. It is a blessing to have been his friend. Memory Eternal!