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Lettuce, Pray to the Lord!

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Written by Basil on 05/21/2003 7:58 PM. Filed under:

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At this very moment, I am working in the Music department of Joseph-Beth Booksellers. For nearly forty minutes now, my brothers and sisters at St. Athanasius Orthodox Mission have been singing Vespers, one of evening prayer offices of the Orthodox Church. (Actually, they’re probably done by now.)

Up until today, I would have been there with them, directing the choir. Yesterday, I began working full-time again at JBB, and my schedule calls for working until eight in the evening on Wednesdays. That makes me sad indeed.

Chris Naughton gives a sense of what missing prayers is like. Of course, I also have the added problem that I’m addicted to the forms of religion. So this “fast,” as it were, is both good and bad for me.

To my brothers and sisters at St. Athanasius, my prayers are with you.

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One Response to “Lettuce, Pray to the Lord!”

  1. Mr. Hibbity Gibbity Says:

    I so totally know who you are now! Just saw your pic on the site!

    You were that guy! That dude that just showed up from time to time in my art classes! Freaking A! You’d always stick around and talk to old Sparky boy afterwards!

    You totally freaked me out, because I never knew who the heck you were!