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Written by Basil on 02/3/2003 4:11 AM. Filed under:

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After searching for IRC channels either about Orthodoxy or inhabited by Orthodox Christians, I finally gave up and made my own: #orthodoxy on (If you use ChatZilla for your IRC client, you can use this link: #orthodoxy.)

IRC is just chat. IRC is the older brother of instant messaging. IRC predates IM, and it still beats IM all up one side and down the other. (Although, it must be admitted that Jabber, along with some very cool IM clients like the one in the Lotus Sametime application, could topple IRC at some point.)

Here are some clients you might use. There are others available for various platforms, but these are either popular or highly-recommended or both.

ChatZilla (All platforms)
ChatZilla is built using the Mozilla engine, which is quite unique, and yields a chat client that can work on just about any computer.
mIRC (Windows)
Most of you out there are probably Windows users. I’m disappointed, but at least you can still IRC. mIRC brings the former domain of Unix weenies to the masses.
Snak (Mac)
Snak is by all reviews a well written, quality IRC client for the Macintosh. Everything I’ve heard recommends it hands down over IRCle, which I’ve hated every time I’ve used it.
X-Chat (Unix)
This client is a graphical client for use on Unix-based systems that run the X Windowing system. Very popular, standard equipment in most GNU/Linux distributions.
BitchX (Unix)
Despite the utter crudeness of the name, this is one of the finer IRC clients available. I really would be remiss if I overlooked it. Also comes complete with rude and crude quit messages appropriate to its name. If you’re getting this one, you’re already a Unix geek; I highly suggest editing the quit messages before one of the more obscene ones takes you by surprise. Text-based; perfect for ssh sessions.
irssi (Unix)
Yet Another “Comes Recommended” title. Text-based interface, which nevertheless supports multiple windows. Another excellent suggestion for ssh sessions.
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