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Saint Athanasius

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Written by Basil on 05/2/2007 5:21 PM. Filed under:

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Joyous feast! (S’prazdnikom / С праздником!)

To all my brothers and sisters at Saint Athanasius, I miss you very much, and I’m sorry I was not present for the first ever liturgy on the land.

Tropar hymn, Tone III

Like a pillar of orthodoxy you supported the church with your teaching, O holy hierarch, * refuting the nonsense of Arius by insisting that Father and Son share the same nature. * O venerable father, beg Christ, our God, to grant us his great mercy.

Kondak hymn, Tone II

When you sowed the teaching of true faith and cut away the weeds of falsehood, * you made the seeds sprout forth in great abundance by the showers of the spirit. * For this, we sing your praises, Athanasius, holy father.

I had two wonderful posts written. I killed them both inadvertently (ie, by my own stupidity).

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One Response to “Saint Athanasius”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    It was beautiful and you were missed. I still feel like I might walk in and see you any minute. There’s a certain sense of completeness whenever you are back. Anyway, it was very good to worship and fellowship out there on our hill. It was hard to come back to the mundane store front with noisy neighbors. Perhaps that experience is to help spur on our efforts as regards the building campaign! We’ll be having our Sunday School picnic out there as well, weather permitting. There’s even talk of more camping out there. Its good to see the hill becoming part of our lives.