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Fasting Quiz

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Written by Basil on 03/29/2007 7:13 AM. Filed under:

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From the Dynamis daily meditation:

Do I justify being cross, curt, or mean when I fast?

How have I increased or decreased quarreling during the Fast?

What are the ways that I make my fasting visible to others rather than hiding my devotion to the Lord as He commands (Mt. 6:16-18)?

What efforts have I made to remove circumstances or conditions that lead others to sin? How have I made life more difficult for others? How have I eased the pain of others? What wrongs have I corrected to lighten the struggle of others?

What am I doing personally to relieve someone’s hunger, to provide shelter to any homeless persons, or to assure that others receive needed clothing?

To what extent have I asked God to enlighten me in practical ways so that I might provide aid, comfort, and / or assistance to some needy person or families?

Hat tip: Fr Joseph

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