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Station the Maneuvering Watch!

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Written by Basil on 12/10/2006 11:14 AM. Filed under:

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Sometime betweeen now and late this week, USS Jacksonville will cast off lines and get underway for the first time in over two and a half years. This would be a bad luck boat, if there ever was one. They say that if you treat your ship right, she’ll treat you right. It’s hard to take any pride in a boat that’s collided with other ships three times. Good thing I don’t believe in luck.

Of your mercy, please remember the unworthy servant of God, Basil, in your prayers when a petition is invoked for those who travel “by land or by sea.” As mentioned earlier, Saint Nicholas is the patron of mariners. Saint Pantaleon is the patron of military men and women.

(Rumor has it that all of us who have passed our boards will be pinned sometime in the next few days, perhaps before or just after getting underway. My chief had me get dolphin patches for my uniform just in case.)

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11 Responses to “Station the Maneuvering Watch!”

  1. Bubblehead Says:

    Congratulations on passing your board. Let us know when you actually get your fish!

  2. Anne Ivy Says:

    Was linked here from “The Stupid Shall Be Punished” blog. ;^)

    My son’s on the Dallas, his first deployment, working to be qualified (or however y’all phrase it). Will be lifting you and the entire crew of the Jacksonville up to the LORD as y’all set sail!

    Congrats, and we’ll be hoping to see a photo in future of you with the dolphins on.

  3. Dave Says:

    I will endevour to remember. Is this one of those sub where no one knows how long it will be at sea, or is there a standard mission duration?

  4. Johanna Says:

    Remember, one hand for yourself, one hand for the ship…

  5. Tyrant Says:

    Congratulations on passing your board. Wish I could say it’s all gravy from there, but I’d be a rotten liar! Fair winds and following seas.


  6. alana Says:

    Are congratulations in order for getting pinned yet? At any rate, apply them once applicable. I love submarines! Too cool you get to work on one.

    Will keep you in my prayers.

  7. loddfafnir Says:

    Congrats on your quals. My old boat. Crash Crew ’96. I see a lot of old Orthodox churches out in the Aleutians and Pribilofs. Beautiful architecture.

  8. Barnabas Powell Says:

    God grant you peace, Basil.

    Got your note, and looking into possibilities.

    Merry Christmas, my friend, and remember the fool in your prayers.

  9. Tabitha Says:

    Anchors aweigh and smooth sailing, my friend! Will look forward to hearing from you when you are topside again. We always think of you, both in the traveling and the military petitions. Will pray even more now. I may think subs are cool, but I would be too terrified to ever be in one. God bless you and keep you.

  10. Snoopy49 Says:

    You’ve got it made now. Don’t you know trouble comes in three’s? The boat’s had hers so you’re home free. On a serious note, I work for NGA’s Maritime Division. Ask your NAV/ETs. They’ll know who we are. We do ship visits. Since you’re just coming off a maintenance cycle, the ETs may want a visit from our Fleet Liaison Officers to go over what we have to offer. Contact me at and I’ll forward your request to the coordinator. Fair seas.

  11. Justin Says:

    Congrats on getting qualified. Good luck to you and the rest of the boat. Getting back on the pond after 2 1/2 years sounds like a nightmare. My prayers are with you.