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Written by Basil on 11/24/2006 8:03 PM. Filed under:

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Today, I dropped off the rental car at Pease International Tradeport and decided to walk back to base. I listened to a one hour playlist on my iPod. Twice. Plus twelve minutes of music in another playlist. Not all at once, mind you. I walked for half an hour, then stopped at the Fox Run shopping center and saw Casino Royale again. (Judging by having seen it twice, I guess I like it a lot.) This leg was about two miles.

From there, I walked to the Panera Bread, about a mile and a half. I had some Vegetarian Vegetable Soup and a fruit cup and watched the latest episode of Heroes on the iPod. (Video iPods are seriously addictive.)

Then it was on to the Starbucks in downtown Portsmouth. This was another two mile leg. I stopped and took care of some business. After some relief in their facilities, I procured a Venti Peppermint Mocha and jaunted the rest of the way to the barracks, about a mile and a half.

So, all told, I walked about five and a halfseven miles today. Hopefully, I burned a bit of that middle-aged man gut off.

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One Response to “Burn”

  1. Karen Says:

    Ah, Kevin, you’re doing better on the St. Philip’s Fast than I am!

    I work four ten-hour days a week, and I get two twenty minute breaks, in addition to a half-hour lunch break. For the past three weeks I’ve been doing laps around the office building on those breaks. I have time for about three to four laps per break… so I’m doing like six to eight laps four days a week… so far I’ve lost 4 lbs. I also feel better… being a customer service rep at an inbound call center, I sit all day. Walking is a good thing.

    Good for you!