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People who are always right

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Written by Basil on 08/30/2006 7:38 PM. Filed under:

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James takes issue with people who are always right. So is he saying these “people” need some help with their logic skills? Or is he saying that they point out the fallacies in his own arguments, and therefore he needs help with his? Just kidding. In fact, I totally relate.

Yesterday, I left my iPod at work, plugged in, fully charged. It had been paused on a song (I can’t remember which one.) This doesn’t bother me, because leaving it allows the duty sonarmen to have some music to pass the time after everyone has gone home.

I arrived this morning to find it was on a game (my iPod has games?), unplugged, and the battery nearly depleted. I said to no one in particular, “I wish people wouldn’t play games on my iPod unplugged when the charger is right there!” A cow-orker spoke up rather angrily (as if being accused) and affirmed in as forceful a manner as possible that no one had messed with my excrement. When I tried to point out to him that iPods don’t play games and run down their batteries by themselves, he again, more forcefully, asserted that no one had messed with my excrement.

The mind boggles at the logic. Or perhaps he thinks raising his voice would make me infer that I have a ghost in my machine.

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2 Responses to “People who are always right”

  1. James Says:


    I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if the game could be played with the charger plugged in. I meant to plug it back when before my flight left for my return trip to KY. Sorry man. Sheesh! You didn’t have to tell the whole world about my mistake!

    I know what you mean. I’ve known a lot of people who, being always right, raise their voice and simply repeat the phrase I was disagreeing with in the first place. NO, I’M RIGHT! LOL!

  2. cam the never right Says:

    Unfortunately there are people in my (and others) lives that have not had sufficient life experience or a traumatic life experience or ???????…………That makes them feel the need to control their surroundings on an extreme level. it is a really hard thing to handle if you are a partner/spouse/ child/friend /etc of this person as it can make you feel like it is YOU WHO HAS BEEN/OR IS IN A TRAUMATIC PLAC/,,,,hmm does that say sumthin?????? ALL i can say is hang in there and LOOK AFTER YOU?YOU/YOU/first ………….if YOU are feeling ok then others shit is less of a concern…….. luv peace and happiness from the land of OZ