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Lebanon, in Facts and in Pictures

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Written by Basil on 07/21/2006 3:50 PM. Filed under:

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I have no comment except to point out this report: Bonovox – Journal – Lebanon, in Facts and in Pictures. Warning: That page links to a site which displays graphic images of war. Not for the faint of heart.

Tuesday 18, at 13:22pm, the Israeli Army bombed – by land and air – the old Orthodox Church of St. George in Rashaiya Fakhar (Hasbaiya, Southern Lebanon) as well as its meeting house, the parish priest house and the Orthodox School with 15 bombs, some of them are phosphoric. It destroyed the southern wall of the church and caused a big fire in it. At that time, many parishioners were hiding and praying with their parish priest asking God’s protection. Ten were burnt and wounded. I have to mention that there was a white flag flying on top of the church.

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7 Responses to “Lebanon, in Facts and in Pictures”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    Lord have mercy! I’m so ignorant, can you please tell me why we (the USA) aren’t condemning this?

  2. Basil Says:

    No. The reasons are complicated, I’m sure. In order to speculate, I would have to comment on the Commander-in-Chief’s motivation, so I’ll refrain.

  3. Chris J. Davis Says:

    So, are you saying that being enlisted in a branch of the armed forces you no longer feel it appropriate to speak your mind when it might shed negative light on the Office of the Presidency?

    Not looking to bait you, just honestly curious.

  4. Basil Says:

    Chris Dmitri: Something like that. More particularly, my speculation would involve speculation about current and future military movement and warrant/support for such ventures, which could be construed as an official statement. One would have to be a moron or very unethical in journalism practices, but many a serviceman has been burned with a “Seaman Umptyfrump, representing the US Navy, said, ‘We shouldn’t be doing X, Y, and Z.'” Bad juju. We have to be very careful in expressing personal opinions in the media. (This is a publication, after all.)

  5. Maria Says:

    I’m very out of the loop, but I had heard about this. So tragic. Thanks for posting it, Basil, and reminding us to remain aware and vigilant in prayer. How are you and the Armed Forces?

  6. Johanna Says:

    A good film to watch (documentary) is “Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause”. It was released shortly after 9/11. Chomsky is so clear & accessible in his examination of human behavior in relationship to the causes of war. And he’s Jewish & doesn’t condone Israel’s actions…which I find very refreshing…he’s thoughful, simple, & low-key in his perceptions (an effect of his character, the fact that he reads 6 newspapers a day & something like 60 periodicals monthly & stays abreast of happenings in the world, & applies both his intellect & his heart to discerning what’s going on). There’s a lot of food for thought in his message. Today I was at the grocery store & the checkout clerk started telling me that the Reuters news service had just been caught publishing fraudulent photos of dead bodies of children in Lebanon, ergo all the stories of massacres of innocent Lebanese people are phony & we have every right to back Israel’s actions, & feel morally justified in doing so…it made me wonder about our great need as US citizens to emply a strong amount of denial when faced with the reality of our country’s covert brutality & collusions. Basil may not be able to make statements like this (for the reasons he stated), but maybe he’ll publish my comments without anything reflecting on him poorly.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Also you might want to check out a couple of thoughtful, personal blogs…

    Another side to consider…