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Written by Basil on 06/30/2006 6:33 PM. Filed under:

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One Last Night

Update: Well, after receiving word that the original page was accessible by registration only (see the first comment), I did some searching and found the original article from Rocky Mountain News: “Final Salute” by Jim Sheeler and photographer Todd Heisler. (Google Images rocks.) And boy am I glad I did. Sheeler and Heisler did an in-depth article on the return of fallen Marine Second Lieutenant James Cathey from overseas, and it turned into a story about servicemembers Stateside who attend to the families of fallen soldiers such as Casualty Assistance Call Officers (CACOs). The entire article is well-done (except for being on twelve separate web pages). For the short version, I linked the photo to the right to the page about Katherine Cathey’s last night beside her husband. I highly recommend reading the article in in its entirety, though.

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3 Responses to “Vigil”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    Umm, Basil, what am I supposed to do here? What is this thing that I am being asked to sign up for?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When my husband died at the ripe age of 23, I was assigned a CACO. Thanks be to God for him. He was by my side through thick and think for what seemed like three straight months. Actually as I look at the calendar, Kurt died on 06/27/82. I buried him 07/06/82. Interesting to read this in light of this anniversay. I understand how she feels. It never goes away Basil. The pain and loss never goes away. It’s not as intense, but is ever present, just like the love we once shared.

    May Cat’s memory be eternal.

    And to any service member reading this, may I offer you my humble thanks for your service.

  3. Tabitha Says:

    Wow! Thank you, Basil, for posting this. I need to go hug my kids.