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Muslims Threaten Violence, Christians Just Shrug

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Written by Basil on 04/29/2006 4:52 PM. Filed under:

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Saw this on Dhimmi Watch: Muslims demanded that a Cologne brothel change its World Cup-themed ad because it displayed a nude woman with flags of Islamic nations. I was going to look at the original article and laugh, or shake my head, or perhaps cluck my tongue.

Then, I saw that the brothel was named Pascha. That’s right; a Cologne brothel is named after the holiest day of the Christian year. Muslims threaten violence over national flags, but Orthodox Christians in Germany, I suppose, are not as threatening to the brothel owners.

Read more: BBC News, Europe: German brothel ad angers Muslims (warning: the article’s photo may not be age or work appropriate, depending on your level of tolerance).

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2 Responses to “Muslims Threaten Violence, Christians Just Shrug”

  1. Nickolas Kalivas Says:

    Please don’t get too worked up about the use of the word Pascha here. It is just the German spelling of pasha (ie, a rank below the sultan). The reference is presumably to the harem of the pasha.

  2. Basil Says:

    Nickolas, thank you for the clarification. 😀