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Paschal Reflections

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Written by Basil on 04/27/2006 5:29 AM. Filed under:

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Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen! Christos anesti! Alithos anesti! Christos voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!

So, here I sit in Louisville International Airport. I thought my flight left ten minutes ago. In fact, it leaves in another hour and twenty.

I had a lot more here, but the proxy server in the airport mangled it and lost it. Short form: This has been the best Pascha in recent memory for several reasons, not the least of which being that it is my first in my home parish in three years.

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7 Responses to “Paschal Reflections”

  1. James Says:

    And when I went to hang out with a bunch of folks Sunday afternoon they all said, “Basil was at Agape Vespers this afternoon.” Well, I guess I should have crawled out of bed.

  2. Mimi Says:

    Indeed, He Is Risen!

    Travel safely.

  3. pete Says:

    so, i hate to quibble, but i believe beer is actually mentioned in the Bible…

  4. Basil Says:

    James, I’m sure the sleep did you better than seeing this unworthy sinner.

  5. Basil Says:

    Pete is responding to this quote, one of many that randomly appears at the top of the website:

    “Sure, evolution as such is not to be found in the book containing what
    God gave Moses as an explanation of origins suitable for illiterate
    nomads. No, and beer is not mentioned in the Bible either, though man
    has been making it for about 12 centuries.”

    It was made by his grace, Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco, Los Angeles and the West.

    Pete, you may be right. I’ve never seen it, so I leave it to you to cite a passage for us.

  6. Ian Says:

    Truly He Is Risen!

    And wonderful to hear you could celebrate Pascha in your home parish.

  7. Mary Says:

    Truly He is Risen!

    Sorry your longer post got mangled.