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Church School Picnic Photos

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Written by Basil on 06/17/2005 5:14 PM. Filed under:

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people at a picnic

athanasius_picnic – 2

Originally uploaded by Kevin Basil.

I posted photos from last Sunday’s Church School picnic. I’m beginning to really like Flickr a lot.

Synopsis of the last week:
10JUN: checked out of NAVSUBSCOL and began the long trek south. Travelled until 2330 or so, then got a motel room. Pennsylvania traffic was insane; two multiple car accidents in a row.
11JUN: continued to head toward Lexington. Arrived at Dmitri and Anna’s around 1430. Almost ran out of gas at Daniel Boone National Forest. Had supper with the Powells. Good to see them again.
12JUN: birthday, and someone remembered. Wow. Now I’m 32 — THAT’S CRAZY. Picnic noted above, then pizza at Walthers. Went over to Powells to help Naughton watch The Two Towers and babysit.
13JUN: went into town to see recruiter. My recruiter has transferred; this was a huge letdown, mostly. Then to Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Good to see old friends. Watched BSG outtakes at Powells. Said good-bye to Timothy.
14JUN: went to prayers and breakfast with Fr. David. Bought a wireless router. Burned CDs of chant for the parish. Travelled 3 hours south; hail in south Kentucky. Beef Stroganoff for dinner — my favorite. Got router working; awesome!
15JUN: mostly putted about while Mom and Dad were in Knoxville for some chiropractic stuff.
16JUN: helped dad on a walkway project. Bought a new camera when I heard the amazing price of $150 for a 4.1 megapixel Fujifilm. Got TN driver license; now I have two proofs that I am a resident of TN so that DFAS won’t keep sending my money to Frankfort. Went to dinner with Dad. He took me to church to show me off; I think I took it well.
17JUN: continued to do walkway project. Took lots of photos with new camera. Finished walkway — as far as my contribution is concerned; Dad will need to do more later.

Later tonight, we’ll see Cats at a local playhouse, then tomorrow I’ll get on the road to Indianapolis to see friends there. Close friends, you know what awaits me there. Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done.

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3 Responses to “Church School Picnic Photos”

  1. Chris J. Davis Says:

    It was wonderful to have you with us once again, and although we loathed letting you go, I am sure everyone else is happy that we chose to share you.

    As for Indy: peace, hope and love.

    Tell Joel we said YO! and we await your return to the bluegrass.

  2. alana Says:

    It was nice to see you! I’m so proud of all the work you are doing. Thank you for serving our country during such a sucky time to be doing so. God bless you in everything.

  3. Tess Jones Says:

    Found your site from a comment on Chris Davis’ site. Clicked cause of your personal avatar (military here as well). Surprise, surprise, we share a birthday! I’m five years younger though. 😀 Tess