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Written by Basil on 05/17/2005 7:49 PM. Filed under:

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On the Appearance: Bishop Alexander (Mileant) of Buenos Aires and South America, Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
This tract discusses the reconciliation of orthodox faith with current scientific theory. Although I could quibble with its literality on a few points, it strongly confirms the orthodoxy of my views on this disputed subject. It makes especially clear that creating a false dilemma between science and faith is uncalled for and can lead to apostasy. The appendix on error in the patristic writings alone is an excellent resource:

Indeed, although many Holy Fathers were highly educated people, neither theology nor the natural sciences of their time had yet reached full maturity. Therefore one ought not to take every thought expressed by one Holy Father or another to be the Church’s teaching — especially in questions of science, which was then at a rudimentary stage. The Church is only error-free in its catholic conscientiousness, its concillarity.

And, further on:

Of great significance in the Holy Fathers’ experience is that they never opposed contemporary scientific data with their views. And here they left us a valuable lesson: it is reasonable to use the revelations of science — insofar as they may help us to gain a deeper understand of some facets of the universe. But one should do so with caution, taking into account the limits of the human intellect and the instability of scientific theories.

The Six Dawns: Dr. Alexdandre Kalomiros
Even more unnecessarily literal than his grace Bishop Alexander above; however, Dr. Kalomiros outlines a reconciliation of the Genesis account with science in a similar manner. May be helpful for some.
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