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Lay Aside All Earthly Cares…

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Written by Basil on 05/13/2005 11:51 PM. Filed under:

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…but only after you purchase this CD:
Lay Aside All Earthly Cares: Product Information

The description of this CD appeared in my inbox, and I was immediately consumed with GHI Syndrome, whose symptoms are restless agitation until the object of anticipation is acquired. Gotta Have It Syndrome is no laughing matter and can lead to more serious maladies if not treated immediately.

Fr. Sergei Glagolev has become well known in American Orthodox liturgical music circles for his ongoing work in the area of composing liturgical music for celebration in English. This recording by Cappella Romana, and under the auspices of PSALM (the Pan-Orthodox Society for the Advancement of Liturgical Music) captures much of his recent work. Includes complete liner notes with hymn text in English, and an essay “Some Personal Thoughts on the Composition of Liturgical Music” by Fr. Glagolev.

And now you begin to feel the twitching in your muscles; you are considering whether you can avoid visiting the Product Information.

Review By: Benjamin Williams
Fr. Glagolev has long been a teacher, musician and a proponent of the composition of liturgical music in English. The works on this CD can be considered seminal in the liturgical repertoire of American Orthodoxy. Drawing upon a variety of stylistic idioms, from Russian znamenny and common chant, to Byzantine chant and the works of Chesnokov and Gretchaninoff, Fr. Sergei Glagolev creates choral settings that employ the sound and cadence of the English language as their starting point, yet capture and remain true to the historic musical tradition of the faith. This recording was the result of great effort on the part of Dr. Vladimir Morosan of PSALM, Fr. Sergei himself, and Cappella Romana, and was made possible by a grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation. It is a worthy undertaking, a beautiful presentation, and with its high quality is hopefully the beginning of a new tradition of liturgical composition in English within the Orthodox churches.

The Product Information page includes some excerpts in MP3 format. They are truly beautiful; I can hardly wait until it arrives in my mailbox.

And now I have infected you, dear reader, with GHI. Happy hunting.

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2 Responses to “Lay Aside All Earthly Cares…”

  1. Jim N. Says:

    That is purty! On my list. Thanks Basil.

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