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CBS Finally Embraces Its Tabloid Nature

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Written by Basil on 04/28/2005 5:13 AM. Filed under:

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CBS News has now officially left mainstream media to become the first of the Big Three to embrace tabloid journalism. As proof, see this article: Abdullah-Bush Stroll Strikes Nerve. Completely lacking in objectivity whatsoever; nothing but pandering and hysterics.

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5 Responses to “CBS Finally Embraces Its Tabloid Nature”

  1. pete Says:

    Sorry, but one story isn’t enough evidence to say that CBS has “embraced” tabloid journalism. This is a stupid story, without question, but one out of many, many stories being reported today. If anything, this story demonstrates something about Americans that isn’t particularly flattering: the average Joe New Yorker doesn’t have an appreciation for different cultural customs, such as men holding hands while walking, which is extremely common in middle eastern culture.

    FOX News is still far more sensationalistic in its reporting, but because it is the news source of choice for most right-wingers, it doesn’t get the same criticism CBS does.

  2. Bryan_Peter Says:

    Ditto pete, especially re: FAUX News. My main gripe is that the story is poorly written, and amazingly so.

  3. Basil Says:

    Given the prominent nature of Rather-gate, which resulted in Dan Rather’s resignation, I find it hard to believe that you can say this is an isolated incident. But perhaps I’m recalling that scandal incorrectly and you’re right. I don’t usually get my news from television, in any case. I get my news from Google News and from the following RSS feeds: BBC World News, the Scotsman International News, and Yahoo! News Top Stories. Google News is an aggregator, so it doesn’t have an RSS feed, and it is where I found this gem.

  4. Basil Says:

    Oh, and did I mention “hyperbole”? You should have known that by the use of the word “first.”

  5. pete Says:

    Whoa! No need to get so defensive.

    Regarding Rather-gate: I never got the full story on this, but I seem to recall that Rather didn’t actually write this story himself, which wouldn’t be surprising in television journalism, but that it was written by an intern or some lower-level journalist. He did end up taking the heat for it, though, which may not have been entirely undeserved, as he probably had some sort of veto power if he had sensed anything fishy.

    The news business works that way, though: Sensationalism of any kind sells. That’s why FOX has gained such a niche–their brand of sensationalism is partly leveraged by their complaints that “the mainstream media” (in which they conspicuously do not include themselves) is too biased for its own good.