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Winds of Change

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Written by Basil on 01/8/2005 5:08 PM. Filed under:

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“Your site’s broken!”

If you are using any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, this site is now quite plain. You may even be thinking, “It’s broken!” It is not broken; it simply has no stylesheet to make it pretty. Also, only Explorer users will see the “Get Firefox” icon from now on. It was just taking up too much real estate, but Explorer users really do need to get it.

Now. Go. Go get it. You risk a great deal of insecurity by waiting. So, get Firefox now.

I’m not being mean. I will be updating the design for the website in upcoming days, and I have tried to decide how best to circumvent the IE problem. The problem is, IE cares not about standards. The web has standards which are developed by consensus, and most browsers support them more or less completely. This is quite a hamstring for designers. We are now in this bind: design for the other browsers on the market, or design for the behemoth in Redmond.

I have decided against designing for the beast. However, I will eventually provide a fairly simple stylesheet specifically for Microsoft users. For now, the site should continue to be readable. Yes, I know about the logo colliding with the title. I will fix that in time, too.

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2 Responses to “Winds of Change”

  1. Gerald Herrin Says:

    Site looks fine in Safari.

  2. basil Says:

    It should look fine in anything but Explorer.