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Written by Basil on 11/28/2004 5:33 PM. Filed under:

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Raphael has a good article on the need for a traditional cosmology in modern society. Although I take issue with his easy dismissal of seratonin reuptake inhibitors (like Zoloft), the main thrust of the article is spot-on. I kept expecting it to devolve into a rant against science, and it doesn’t. Taken in the context of sound Orthodox teaching — that is, not fundamentalist Orthodox teaching — it is a very accurate prescription for the malaise of modernism.

However, I have to wonder what he means when he talks about addiction to PHP. Is there a twelve-step program for webmasters? Nevermind. It’s not an addiction. I… can… stop… at… any… time…. Eh, pardon me while work on a server script for a minute or two.

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2 Responses to “Cosmology”

  1. Chris J. Davis Says:

    It is not an addiction, it is a torrid love affair! Is it wrong to love a regex? Do they not parse data strings when executed? Trap memory when it leaks? Loop through data and create arrays?

    *chris goes back to writing his random url realtime creation script*

  2. Huw Raphael Says:

    Typo there – that should have been (and is now) PCP. Oddly enough, I saw it as a rant about science – the psychological sort of science.

    Now as to code, somewhere here in my text files… I have love poetry that parses in perl