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Vertigo for the Lost

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Written by Basil on 11/25/2004 3:28 AM. Filed under:

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It was a little disorienting to listen to “Vertigo” by U2, with its allusions to Christ’s Temptation in the Desert, while I searched the Way Back Machine for lost documents from our parish website. It caused a minor context shear. Then, quite randomly, iTunes pulls up some Divine Liturgy settings by Tchaikovsky. Hey, look at me! I’m a whirling dervish. I almost fell out of my chair.

The most recent archiving of St. Athanasius’ website was back in January, and it looks like it didn’t change very much in the intervening time. Which is to say that most of the content I was looking for was archived.

Good information that I want to be able to find again:

As of this writing, the pictures of the ordinations of the Priest David Rucker are still at, though one should probably take nothing on that site to be permanent until the current redesign is finished. Unfortunately, the glossary of musical and liturgical terms I compiled was not archived by the Way Back Machine. I have an old backup of the parish’s website; I’ll see if I can find it and post it.

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6 Responses to “Vertigo for the Lost”

  1. Jim N. Says:


    Was that Tchaikovsky from the music store or your own personal rip into iTunes? I did a search under Tchaikovsky in the music store but didn’t see anything related to the Divine Liturgy…

  2. basil Says:

    It was from the CD Sacred Treasures, which I ripped from my own copy. I did a search and I could not find it, either.

  3. Chris J. Davis Says:

    Who said they were lost?

    Ask before you jump to conclusions, I find that is a better way of operating.

  4. basil Says:

    Since you are a skilled and intelligent webmaster, I know you are aware of the importance of document and URI permanence. Therefore, since the URIs no longer work, I concluded that they were gone. I’m glad to see they’re still around.

    I wonder, of the premises that led to my conclusion, which was false?

  5. Chris J. Davis Says:

    while I searched the Way Back Machine for lost documents from our parish website.

    Lost was an incorrect word usage, misplaced at best moved temporarily would be the most correct. The new site structure has not been finalised and areas like choir/music are under the purview of others, not me. And as such the decision has not been made as to the future of some of that content.

  6. basil Says:

    They were lost to me.

    As a webmaster, documents on your site are under your control. It was a perfectly acceptable option to leave them where they were. If moving them was necessary on the backend from an administrative perspective, you should have put a transparent redirect in place.