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Written by Basil on 09/29/2004 10:48 PM. Filed under:

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I wonder if the winner is scripted, too. Particularly good quotes to juxtapose:

The terms of the agreement make it seem as if the two candidates will be holding what amounts to a joint press conference rather than a debate in the traditional sense since there will be no direct interaction between Mr Kerry and the president.

Neither will be allowed to quiz the other and all comments must be made through the moderator, Jim Lehrer of the Public Broadcasting Service.

“It basically is ensuring that there will be a healthy exchange of ideas. There’ll be a lot of topics covered. No gimmicks, no tricks, no sudden surprises, so that we really can have a debate that’s dominated by the issues,” Karen Hughes, an adviser to Mr Bush, said yesterday.

The negotiators even argued over the temperature in the hall, with the Bush campaign wanting it to be above 70F (22C) while the Kerry campaign wanted a cooler environment.

Most importantly, the rules state: “When a candidate is speaking, TV coverage will be limited to the candidate speaking.”

The television networks have objected to this provision that they cannot show a reaction shot of Mr Kerry when Mr Bush is speaking, or vice versa.

Mr Kerry spent yesterday in Wisconsin preparing for the contest, before flying to Florida last night. Mr Bush also spent the night in Florida as the two prepared for what could be the most decisive engagement of the campaign.

Yawn. I think I may just vote for my priest this year instead.

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