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The Girl with the Cross

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Written by Basil on 09/28/2004 11:31 PM. Filed under:

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The heartbreaking photo circulated among blogs and other news sources throughout the world has a miraculously holy ending.

Fearing the chain holding the cross around her neck might break, Viktoria took it off and wrapped it around her left hand when the siege began.

The cross was a gift from her Orthodox parents that replaced one from her baptism that somehow got lost. Viktoria said she wasn’t very religious, but always wore the cross anyway even while sleeping.

During the siege, the tiny cross became her talisman of hope. “All three days I held it in my hand and prayed,” Viktoria said.

Her mother was praying too, keeping vigil with other parents near the school. Other relatives went to church services daily and lit votive candles.

And from now on, Viktoria said, she will be in church every Sunday, her cross over her heart where it belongs.

The full AP article is available from various sources. The ABC News article includes the photo above.

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