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Written by Basil on 09/24/2004 12:32 AM. Filed under:

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Someone sent this to me in an email, so I pass it along to you. Hopefully, I will get the syntax of the object tag right. I didn’t. Click the link instead.

Here is the text of the email:

Hey Guys,

This is really freaky!

Subject: Do you see it?? OMG you really can see it……….

YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST!!!! And be sure your speakers are on!

This is a Car Advertisement that was never released. Watch your screen closely with the SOUND ON…you do need sound. When the film crew finished filming the Car Ad, the people who edited it noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. The Ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits. Watch closely as the car comes from behind the trees about halfway through the commercial, look and you will see the white mist crossing in front of the car, then following it along the road…Spooky!

Save this movie to disk for best results.

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89 Responses to “Spooky”

  1. cassie and sinead Says:

    cardiac arrest that was sh*t scary but i cant help but wanna watch it again just for the fun of screaming, falling off my chair, crackin up and watchin it agen onya basil xx =)

  2. Katie Says:

    How f——in scary the scream just goes right though mee!!! arggh spooky!!

  3. Samii Says:


  4. chelsea Says:

    eeeeee! that was ugly. it wasnt scary like but wot is scary is tekzoned and click on those 3 put yor face 2 the screen)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dan Says:

    it was cool

  6. dan Says:

    that was off the hook.

  7. Thomas Says:

    Why u little *^£””!!””***!!

  8. samantha Says:

    i hope i will like it as much as my friends

  9. ana Says:

    ah man my biology teacher showed an i got this boy sitting in front of me right an all of the sudden he screams and grabs it was like soooooooo funny keep up the good jod

  10. Pratty Says:

    cheers man that was shit scary!!!!!!!!
    ive sent the link 2so many ppl
    btw i had to get a new keyboard cus i was holding a coffee at the time, needless to say the keyboard got drenched!

  11. simpson Says:

    oh my god pratty that scared the crap out of me!!!!!!! wot a clip

  12. yuki Says:

    It is so freakin awesome! When I first saw it it scared the crap outta me. My friend wouldn’t let me up so I smacked his friend then he let me up.

  13. duck Says:

    that was really cool Basil i like it and so did my friend she slaped me lol

  14. duck Says:

    but it’s not that scary

  15. mocha choka latae Says:

    that was so scary, i was at my friends mom’s room and she said that it was a gost on the car for real so i was so close and screamed so loud and pied my pants and still had to go to the store and no place to change.!!!!! that was classic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  16. BoBby Says:

    Funni stuff!!!

    First time it gave me a fright!! second time not so bad… pretty random hehe

  17. MarilynManson'sClone84 Says:

    This is the scariest F***ing ad that i have ever seen. i was sitting real close to the computer screen and when the guy popped out and screamed, i fel back and hit my head on a coffee table. the coffee table fell down on me and my hot chocolate burnt up my face! OUCH!!1

  18. MarilynMansonClone84 Says:

    what a friggin’ hilarihous little ad, i wish that i saw it on tv!!

  19. BURB Says:


  20. Badgersocks Says:

    This freaks all ma m8s out… it rules… but after seeing it bout 15 times it isn’t very scary anymore!

  21. Emily Says:

    OMG this thing was sooo funny it scared the CRAP out of me everytime i watched it….. it was soooo creepy!!!!!! ur EVIL basil!!! jusy plain EVIL! lol but i did luv it!

  22. idku Says:

    what and whreru get it

  23. Bob Says:

    yea, this video freaked the crap out of me

  24. Nathan Says:

    You SUK! Basil, U juz SUK! When i saw it i was with a whole group in school and in the computer lab.What made it worse was it was all dark and we were whispering “wheres the ghost” “I dun see anything” “this movies sux”……..
    And then all of a sudden this screaming guy pops out and i fell on the floor an knocked my head! Basil! uARE REALLy REALLY REALLY Evil. but if i was at the back i would have said this…i was the one right in front!!!! f***ing movie!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    this is really scary, not in like a horror movie kind of way, suspenseful, and michelle or whatever your name was that said it wasnt a ghost, no duh! its just supposed to make you jump, quit taking stuff so seriously.

  26. shorty101 Says:

    screamed like girl in front of whole school class!!!!

  27. shorty101 Says:

    almost pee my pants even after i saw it 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. c0ldfuse Says:

    thanks for the bandwidth, i accedently had my personal copy deleted

  29. clocked toliet Says:

    scared the Sh** out of me

  30. steve Says:

    I shit myself

  31. chris Says:

    holy shit

  32. samsam Says:

    i shit myself the first time now i just crease myself!!

  33. michael Says:

    Wow, the first time that i saw this i about crapped my pants, and i screamed and a tear came to my eye. Still every time i see it i jump a little bit. The cover was pretty good for the ghost thing

  34. pat Says:

    holy crap, my teacher showed me this and i just about crapped my pants.

  35. POOPIE Says:


  36. monika Says:

    This video scared me i shit my face omg so did my friend

  37. student Says:

    my teacher made me watch it and F***

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