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Written by Basil on 08/19/2004 4:56 PM. Filed under:

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OK, finally I’ve gotten some net time, and here are some relatively recent photos.

These photos were taken at the historic ship USS Nautilus (SSN 571) (except for the one in the blue Utility uniform, taken in my old barracks room). The sail in the background of two of them is from the USS George Washington (SSBN-598), the first ballistic missile submarine.

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2 Responses to “Photos”

  1. alana Says:

    The kids and I enjoyed the pictures. We miss you, but glad you look so well and seem so happy. Your parents look so proud.

    As always, you are in our prayers.

  2. Mr. Hibbity Gibbity Says:

    The Nautilus? Says you. Where be Capt. Nemo? Says I.

    Good to see that you’re happy and well.