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I Give It One Star — One RED Star

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Written by Basil on 07/6/2004 1:29 PM. Filed under:

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Seraphim Danckaert has a scathing review of Fahrenheit 9/11. He concludes that it is primarily disingenuous political propaganda, but he gets there by honestly judging the film as a film. Bravo, Seraphim.

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6 Responses to “I Give It One Star — One RED Star”

  1. pete Says:

    i had a hard time getting to the same conclusion you did from this review.

  2. Chris J. Davis Says:

    I would like to hear how you came to a different conclusion. I mean Seraphim actually stated:

    In sidestepping these important questions, Moore’s film leaves the realm of documentary and becomes mere politics, if not disingenuous.

    And then later:

    As all decent propaganda, Fahrenheit 9/11 will have exposed (part of) the problem, and then rallied the people to forget the lesson, overlook the implications and strike down something only tangentially related as a full solution.

    So how did you interpret these words, that allowed you to come to a different conclusion?

    This is all very interesting to me.

  3. Chris J. Davis Says:

    Sorry I forgot to begin with this excerpt from Seraphim:

    No, no. It’s worth five bucks for a matinee show — that’s for sure — but it’s just not film at its best.

    I would say that the above quote, along with my previous excerpts seem to support Basil’s conclusion, which is the same one that I draw from reading his article.

  4. pete Says:

    whoops. i don’t mean that i don’t see how Basil arrived at his conclusion in agreement with Seraphim. what i really meant to say was that i didn’t find the film to be entirely bad, in spite of it being propaganda in many ways. but part of this, i imagine, is that I’m more inclined to be prejudicial toward Moore’s perspective than that of a more conservative person. sorry for the confusion.

  5. Chris J. Davis Says:

    Oh hey, no problem good to have that cleared up though.

  6. basil Says:

    I have not seen the film, so I cannot determine whether his judgment is accurate. I simply found his critique to be very good and strong on actually judging a film on its merits. I despise it when people dismiss art out of hand without actually experienceing the piece in question. It is so dishonest. Once I have seen the film, I will let you know if I agree or not.

    However, I may never see the film, since Moore always reminds me of a loud, drunk version of Fu Manchu Bruce — Wilmore natives know — without the Christian sensibility.