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Written by Basil on 06/18/2004 7:26 PM. Filed under:

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Today I received a book I recently ordered from St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press. As always, it came with a short catalog of books, to encourage another purchase. A few books that look interesting:

The Blackbird’s Nest / Jenny Schroedel, illustrations by Douglass Montross
The illustrations for this children’s book immediately caught my eye as I was flipping through the catalog. They are crisp and vibrant, without resorting to sentimentality. When I turned the page and discovered that the story is about St. Kevin of Glendalough, one of the earliest Celtic saints and one of my patrons, I nearly jumped for joy. “Oh, COOL!” I yelped. “What? What?” my roommate said. “It’s a children’s book about St. Kevin, one of my patrons.” He said, “Oh.” I think he sounded disappointed; I can’t imagine why.
Our Church and Our Children / Sophie Koulomzin
With the recent discussion on children in the Church over at St. Stephen’s Musings, this volume should garner no small interest from many parents who just want to know what is expected of them. The author taught religious education at St. Vladimir’s Seminary from 1954 to 1973, and this book is the result of “her half-century of experience working with children in the Church.”
The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox / Johanna Manley, ed.
This is the tome that I received in the mail today. I’ve been trying to keep up with the daily readings lately, and I usually want a little chaser with my scripture to help me digest what it’s telling me. While the notes provided by the Roman Catholic Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in the New Amercian Bible is usually tolerable, sometimes I just want to rest my brain and know the commentary I’m reading is nourishing. This looks to be very helpful in this regard. However, I reserve all final judgments until I see whether I continue using it after the complicated “Lucan Jump” in September. The translation used is the New King James version, of which I am decidedly not a fan. It seems to popular among some Orthodox, though, so I endure patiently until the New Jerusalem Bible catches on.
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3 Responses to “Bibliofilia”

  1. Karl Thienes Says:

    Jenny Schroedel (along with her husband, now Fr. John) used to attend my home parish. They
    are great people.

  2. Chris J. Davis Says:

    I recently picked up “The Ladder of Divine Ascent,” By St. John Climacus (HolyTransfiguration Monastery Version) and the Hopgood Service Book while in Chicago. I am really looking forward to reading St. Johns Words.

  3. Jenny Schroedel Says:

    Thanks for your kind words about the book! You seemed to grasp just what we were trying to do
    with the illustrations–we wanted them to be vivid, real, not at all sappy. I hope you enjoy
    the story as well! –Jenny