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Eis Polla Eti, Despota

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Written by Basil on 05/30/2004 4:00 PM. Filed under:

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Thanks to Josh Coolman for a photo of Gideon, Theophan and Athanasius being tonsured readers. This is especially cool for me, since I had to miss the whole dad-blamed thing.

Other contra mundum bloggers who have written about Abp. Dmitri’s visit:

Newly-tonsured Readers Gideon, Athanasius, and Theophan have not yet blogged about the weekend or their experience of being tonsured. I guess the longer we wait, the better the vintage.

Update: Reader Theophan posted a tiny bit on his blog in response to Dmitri’s post, linked above. He also left a comment here.

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One Response to “Eis Polla Eti, Despota”

  1. sockmonk Says:

    I’ve thought about this for several days now, and I think I’ve concluded that I’m not going to publically blog about the experience of being tonsured. Not just because of time constraints, but also because it’s a bit too personal to discuss this publicly. Maybe in a closer family forum, or even by email, but not “in the open” as it were. Hope you understand.

    I will say this much. I quickly decided, after being called lots of different things that weekend (all good 😉 , that if someone wants to address me as “Reader [Name]]”, I greatly prefer “Reader Theophan” to “Reader Wesley”. “Wes” and “Wesley” also work too, but putting “Reader” together with “Wesley” just sounds a bit too… overloaded to me. I’ll also say that we all have a lot to learn about being readers, and we’re very aware of that fact. The rest of the parish is in some ways collectively scratching its head too.