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Written by Basil on 04/10/2004 7:09 PM. Filed under:

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How fitting that I should post on Holy and Great Saturday. As readers of my email list know, I now have limited access to PCs. I will probably be doing some more posting — probably not as frequently as before, though.

This year’s Holy and Great Week observations have been filled mostly with travel from boot camp (Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois) to submarine school (Naval Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut) and the stress of acclimating to a new situation. It is a lot like the first few days of boot camp, actually, with more freedom. However, more freedom means I have to take responsibility for what needs to happen, whereas in boot camp all I had to do was follow instructions.

Needless to say, I have not been able to attend any services this week (with the exception of Palm Sunday, on which I attended Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago). For someone whose life centered around the services of the church, this is quite an ascetic work — certainly not one that I could or would have chosen on my own. But since it is being imposed upon me from the outside, I am taking it as from the Lord.

I may be able to attend Agape Vespers tomorrow at the local Greek parish. Keep me in your prayers.

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One Response to “Anastasis”

  1. Chris J. Davis Says:

    Christ is Risen!

    You are in our prayers as always. It was good to see the photo of you the Powell’s brought back. Basil the Sailorman! Heather and I miss you greatly, but we are proud of the accomplishments you have racked up lately. Pascha was not the same this year without your presence, but I know that you [were] with with us through fellowship in the Holy Spirit, who never leaves us.

    I look forward to your first furlow that brings you back to us.