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Getting Down to the Wire

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Written by Basil on 01/28/2004 3:35 PM. Filed under:

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I ship out to boot camp in less than a week! I’ve set up an email list with Yahoo!; I don’t know what I broke in Majordomo on my mail server, but I’ve run out of time to try and fix it. I currently have it set up so that only I and one other person can send emails, so it won’t become a spam sieve. Of course, I’ll probably have stuff posted here, too. I’m just trying to accomodate as many people as necessary.

I love you all, and I will miss most of you. (Even you, Mr. Hibbity-Gibbity.) You are all in my prayers. I hope that something in all of this blather will have been helpful for you spiritually. May what is true take root in your hearts, and my what is my own invention be forgotten as a tumbleweed is forgotten in the wastes.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

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6 Responses to “Getting Down to the Wire”

  1. Karl Thienes Says:

    Are you going to be able to keep the blog up?

  2. basil Says:

    Once I get to a place where I can use a computer on a regular basis, yeah. I’m going to have someone put up entries about what I’m doing every once in a while — which may end up being redundant with the list. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

  3. Havdala Says:

    I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about but may God be with you anyway.

  4. Jim N Says:

    Basil, I’ve just now found your site and it seems you’re leaving! Many years to you, Basil. God speed in your endeavors.

  5. Katherine Says:

    I am making the move to Orthodoxy, and this site has been a great source of info as I continue the journey to the East.

    will miss your writing. be sure to stop every now and then and tell us what’s up, a’ight?

  6. DrBacchus Says:

    I’d be glad to tinker with Majordomo if you have any desire for me to do so. I expect I can get it working, if it matters enough. Just let me know.