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The Return of the King?

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Written by Basil on 07/16/2003 7:21 PM. Filed under:

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With the recent developments in the Mozilla community, I have to ask with baited breath: Will users everywhere be blessed with the return of usability prodigy mpt? Or has Mozilla really lost forever one of the brightest lights in its tragic, torpid history?

I really wish I had time to work on Mozilla again. Perhaps mpt does, too.

The release of Mozilla from the stranglehold of Netscape/AOL could be perhaps the best news about the internet application suite in years. It has been slowly building a rock-solid codebase — literally under everone’s noses. The final judgment of this moment will elude all but the most prophetic technologists, because Mozilla’s success depends entirely on the support, without chains, of many wealthy patrons.

This means that it must become more attractive than it currently is for these patrons to pledge their support for the foundation. These next few months hold the possibility of proving or disproving the viability of a N/AOL-free Mozilla. We have been given what we wished for — a Bastille Day of sorts for Mozilla. Now, let us hope that we do not find the anarchy that followed upon the historical Bastille Day.

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4 Responses to “The Return of the King?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Mozilla Gorilla and all his friends say, “So long, so long.”
    “How much is that monkey in the window?”
    A gorilla at any price is mighty nice, Mozilla, the Gorilla is pretty nice.

  2. mpt Says:

    “Usability prodigy”? Puh-lease! :-)I’m not a prodigy, I just give a damn.

    It would be possible, I suppose, to compile a list of “The top ten reasons why mpt won’t return to the Mozilla Project”. But who would care?

    (P.S.: Is there a good reason for the funky label alignment on this comment form?)

  3. basil Says:

    1) I would care. And isn’t that reason enough?

    2) I’m still tweaking.

  4. mpt Says:

    Not really, unless you’ve suddenly become more important to Mozilla than Blake Ross and Asa Dotzler have. 😉