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Three Decades of the Blues

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Written by Basil on 06/12/2003 6:26 PM. Filed under:

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Today, I am finally old enough to be ordained a priest, according to the fourteenth canon of the Quinisext Council. Heh. A little convert humor there.

My contemplation for this auspicious day: Why can’t God just make me want whatever it is that he wants for me?

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4 Responses to “Three Decades of the Blues”

  1. Moose Says:

    In response to “Why can’t God just make me want whatever it is that he wants for me?”

    It is because if he tells you now, you will think that you can’t possibly get there (given where you are and where you have come). You will be overwhelmed, and you will die due to disappointment and/or dispair.

    What God has for you is so much more than you can even imagine; your job can ONLY be the current hump. Work past it, then see the next ridge… God is cool that way.

    Oh, and there’s that whole “make vs. desire” self-will, free-thinking, type stuff too.

  2. Moose Says:


  3. Christopher Jones Says:

    First, because He respects your freedom and personhood. God really does want persons who freely love Him. So He doesn’t “make you” want what He wants you to want.

    Second, because the misguided desires, the wrong turns, the failures, and the sorrow are part of what it takes to transform us into real human beings. There is a lot of crap, falsehood, and stuff that’s bent out of shape in our hearts, and all of it has to be fixed before we can be what He calls us to be. And that process is inevitably going to be painful, particularly because to be honest we love all that garbage. It’s who we think we are, and we don’t want to give it up in order to become who we really are.

    You dig?

  4. Nikolai Toshikazu Says:

    I’m a bit late here, but I do hope that you had a wonderful birthday.