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Written by Basil on 03/24/2003 12:10 PM. Filed under:

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OK, folks. You have no doubt figured out that I’ve been having some difficulties. To those three of you still checking this blog, just to see if I’m still alive, here is your proof of life.

My server went offline a few weeks ago when my phone line went dead. I have moved that server (, which also hosts my church website,, to another location in meatspace. (Thanks to Sockmonk/Theophan for the assist.)

This blog has now been moved to, which is why you may have seen that page while we worked out the kinks in the webserver config.

All of this means, my stuff is back, including the CGI script for Orthodox chat. However, I will be posting on a much more sporadic basis, as I happen to be lost in meatspace at the moment, with only occasional ports of entry to the Matrix.

One big development in the last few weeks is that I am seriously considering enlisting in the U. S. Navy. If I do as well on the ASVAB as I have in the past, then any specialization will be open to me, with the exception of the SEALS and Nuclear Field work, in view of my age.

This is not because I am gung-ho about getting glory in the present conflagration. Far from it. In fact, I am quite sober about the consequences of choosing military service, and I am trying to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit as I pursue this oppurtunity.

I was initially interested in the Navy because I am a Navy brat, and I thought Navy service might be helpful in paying down my student loans and saving some money for seminary. I was not prepared for the possibility of having my student loans paid off up to $65k. I am pursuing this very intentionally now for both reasons. Perhaps in a future post, I’ll explore a little bit more why a brat is simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by the idea of military service.

Suffice it to say for now that being a brat means that I am in a unique position to be aware of the consequences of enlistment, positive and negative.

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