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Written by Basil on 11/23/2002 3:41 PM. Filed under:

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More stuffing of emotions to keep from exploding. Setting up a mailing list on Yahoo! Groups is extremely simple, and it’s free. Unfortunately for a list that is primarily religious in nature, it often included inappropriate advertisements for webcams and other nonsense which, evidently, require pictures of busty women pretending to be aroused.

So, after a few incidents of this, I decided the best course of action would be to move the list to a server where I have complete control over everything: my own. This seemed a perfectly logical decision. Of course, this is also the server on which I host the parish’s webserver and mailserver. But, if the list is specifically designed to allow members of the parish to inform one another of news and events, then it seems only logical right?

Logical is one thing. Simple is another. Compiling, installing, and configuring mailing list software is not at all simple. If you add to this the work that I did to create a simple-to-use, yet secure, web interface for subscribing and sending mail to the list, it took me around two months to get everything working smoothly. This is not including the time in which I did nothing on this project because I had no tuits. I have expended a lot of energy on this, with the belief that it would be of benefit to the parish community.

Fr. D. does not see the benefit to the parish community. I guess he only sees liability. Or perhaps he sees the loss of control inherent in networking as something to fear. Perhaps his negative associations with email continue to color his view of its usefulness. Whatever. He has unilaterally ordered that the existing mailing list and two that I was working on be discontinued immediately. What is really frustrating is that I am continuing a work that was approved almost two years ago, but Fr. D. acts like he did not know anything.

Fr. D. evidently has difficulty following what I do, even though I kept the the recipients of the mailing list updated with my actions. (He is, in fact, a recipient of the list, of course.) I would think that an email saying, “I have moved the old Lifegiver mailing list to the church’s server,” would have indicated exactly what I had done. Evidently not. Evidently the web pages that say the same thing do not communicate that, either. I am having great difficulty not concluding that my priest neither reads his webmaster’s email nor uses his own parish’s website.

More disturbing is the email that mentions a complaint with regard to the mailing list. A complaint? I can only think of one complaint that has been raised with me, as the administrator of the list. Needless to say, none of this makes me happy at all. In fact, it makes me very angry.

Must. Hold. Back. Fist. Of. Death.

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