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What a Massive Hole Your Foot Has, There!

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Written by Basil on 08/9/2002 3:03 PM. Filed under:

It’s called a Clue. And some people don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between a Clue and a hole in their head. Take, for example, the software vendor selling a PHP script which denies http access for users of pop-up blocking software, including browsers like Mozilla and Opera, proxies like JunkBuster, and even users who simply turn off JavaScript! Instead of content, users see a message spanking them for not wanting to be annoyed by flashing text and graphics and commercials masquerading as content.

Perhaps we could paraphrase Princess Leia Organa, “The tighter you close your fist, the more you will find markets slipping through your fingers.”

Ironically, this vendor is writing scripts in PHP. PHP is free software, meaning that users are guaranteed certain freedoms by the PHP License. In fact, you can download the latest version for free without being assaulted by advertising. And the Apache Software Foundation does not complain. Imagine that.


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